Tai Chi Qigong Classes

Learning to go with the flow....

The Power of Practicing Qigong

Celebrate your energy!  Learn to use and feel your energetic connection to the earth and heavens.  This is the practice of Qigong.  I teach the Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong form which is 18 movements repeated 6 times each in a slow and flowing rhythm.  And intersperse a few other six week focused courses doing other styles of Qigong to balance out your experience of this diverse and healing form of exercise and meditative movment. 


In each six week course we will practice Shibashi as the main form. In each six week course I will also share a shorter qigong form tied to the season or whatever I've most recently learned from my teachers.  

Come and have a laugh with us! 

Courses are $60 and start fresh every six weeks.  

Currently starting next course November 7th at Mind Your Body studio on Main St. Pocatello. 


Strengthen your Mind-Body Connections

We all spend far too much time in our mind and the body is just along for the ride whatever that may be, but for many people it means being sat at a desk looking at a computer screen of some description.  

Practicing tai chi qigong helps get you into balance with your body and mind. 

Truly paying attention to each movement as you simply flow and breathe can be a profound and moving experience for those of us who tend to experience life mostly via the feelings and emotions generated in the mind.  The body has a voice too. 

This is me practicing in the Sahara desert in Morocco teaching a group with Go Tours.  That was some trip!  Watch this space for upcoming events or retreats.

Tuning into what you feel at a physical level is very important for healing any type of trauma.  It is often called somatic experiencing, which this practice is a form of. 

When we harness the body and the mind together, then we find true balance.  

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Together we are stronger!

Practicing qigong together is like putting a bunch of batteries together!  We all radiate energy at various levels and sometimes the person near you might just have the healing frequency that helps you that day - just by standing next to one another focused on your practice!