Rock Balancing

 Welcome to a new way of seeing the body and its energetic nature... 

Most of us grow up seeing our body and health through a “biomedical” lens. This is the conventional medicine ordinarily practiced in major medical clinics and hospitals. This is medicine based on particular ways of looking at anatomy, physiology and pathology.

When we think of the immune system, or the thymus, or the actions of caffeine on the nervous system – we are utilizing the framework laid down by biomedicine. It is comfortable, familiar, and has an impressive track record of heroic medical interventions – such as the effective cure of Polio, or patching you up after a major car accident.

Classical Chinese medicine does not share the same roots. It grew up in a different place, and was founded in a different time – more than 2000 years ago. While it shares some anatomical and pathological ideas with the science underlying biomedicine – most of its grounding is quite different. It has its own way of conceptualizing the human body and how it interacts with nature. For instance, in Chinese medicine the body is seen as fundamentally holistic – the whole of the unit is far more than might be guessed by looking at the individual parts.

Chinese medicine looks at relationships, functional flows and interactions between the body and nature.  Western medicine is far more concerned with defining the parts with great specificity, often separate from other bodily systems. 

I use classical Chinese medicine diagnostics which are called the four pillars: Inspection (tongue), Listening & Smelling, Inquiring and Palpation (pulse) to determine how to formulate a treatment plan for you.  Together we try to look at your health in classical Chinese medicine view which might seem strange at first, but once your view shifts it has a beautiful logic that aligns with so much we know is natural. 

Of course, I also have a great respect for biomedicine and am aware and trained to recognize and respect the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and other potential healthcare hazards.  I will always refer out any patients for whom my skills are not appropriate.  

Acupuncture is part of a system of medicine with its own logic and ways of seeing dysfunction and disease that allows it to address our health and our body with more compassionate wisdom. 

I invite you to explore your own health and vitality from a new viewpoint.  And see for yourself if this ancient medical science doesn't offer your modern life something of value.  Pain relief is only the start, I feel as a practitioner that I am nourishing the destiny of my patients.  Only when we are energetically whole and connected in body, mind and spirit can we truly achieve our destiny.